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Relief care is intended for families taking care of a child or other persons with disability from the age of 3 to 26 years in times, when they are not able to provide this care themselves.

The objective of this service is to substitute the care provider in care for the child or adult with disability and by this to provide the care giver the possibility e.g. for doctor’s appointment, to deal with matters at authorities or place for individual rest, regeneration, holiday, etc.

The social service widens social contacts to its users and prevents social isolation and offers clients new suggestive surrounding.

The service supports the adaptability of the user in new surrounding.

The passed time within the relief care service is provided in such way to compensate clients with disability the absence of person who takes care of them continually.

Relief care is service responding to needs of specific clients.

Relief care service contains these basic activities:

a) assistance in coping with daily personal care

b) assistance in personal hygiene or providing conditions for personal hygiene

c) provision of food or assistance in food provision

d) provision of accommodation in case of residence service

e) provision of contact of social surrounding

f) socio-therapeutical activities

g) assistance in exercise of rights, justified interests and personal matters

h) educational and active education activities

Relief care service is provided by professional social and education workers eventually filled in by certified volunteers.