Multi-source financing

Kolping Family Smečno is a non-governmental non-profit organization and its financial sources run form many sources. Clients partly pay for some of our services (e.g. costs for stay, contribution for material, etc.) other are granted for free, because paying for such services is prohibited by Act on social services (counselling and early intervention).

Budget of the organization mainly consists of optional sources. It mainly consists of subsidies from state, regions, towns, European and national grants, donations from individuals and companies as well as payments from legal entities for provided training. Thanks to this we were able to provide services available to large levels of society.    

Main sources of income   

Subsidies and grants make up the main part of the budget. Main providers of subsidies are Ministries (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA) – Department of Family Politics and Department of Social Services, Regional Operational Programme Central Bohemia Region (ROP NUTS 2 SC), relief Fund of Central Bohemia Regional Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, subsidies from town Smečno, Beroun and further EU funds, foundations and foundation subsidies. 

Donations from clients are given by the price list valid and updated annually.

Problems of multi-source financing

Composition of a realistic budget demands big creativity of the whole organizational team as well as the ability to forecast the development of state financial situation in the upcoming year. For functioning organization cost evaluation and their structure is fairly easy task, but big problems come in when calculating the presumed incomes. Evaluation of grant applications takes a long time, we are handing in the applications 6 months in advance but the results are available long after the beginning of the year for which the endowment is meant for. Subsidies and grants funds are fixed expenditures and therefore can be only used for a specific purpose.