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Early intervention service

Is according to Act 108/2006 Coll., on Social service is included among social prevention services. It is a field service, possibly an out-patient service, granted to the child and parents of the child in the age 0-7 years, which is disabled or his / her development is endangered because of poor social situation. The service is free of charge.  

The content of Early Intervention is the support of the development of the child and support of the family. The principle of the provided services is in home consultations. The duration and course of the consultation adheres to the needs of the child and wishes of parents. Each family has their own home consultant, who visits the family on a regular basis and provides socio-legal counselling, help in dealing with the authorities and institutions, practical and special tips on communication and play with the child.

Within Early intervention we offer mediation of contacts for further specialists (child neurologist, psychologist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, special education centre, educational and psychological counselling), help with suitable pre-school and school selection; help with questions of integration. 

Services are mainly provided in home setting, in case the family is interested, the service can be provided on an out-patient basis.

Early intervention service is granted free of charge.