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The Early intervention centre in Slaný provides support to families with child/children in the age 0-7 years (including prenatal development) with mental, sense and movement disability, combined disability, ADHD, families with children with unstable development and premature births.  

Services are provided mainly in home setting and are granted free of charge.

Nowadays 30 families with children of early age cooperate with us on a long-term basis and use our programmes and other families turn to us with a request of one-time consultation or counselling. If you feel unsure about your child’s development, do not hesitate and contact us. We will come to you; we operate in the whole of Czech Republic.

What do we offer?

Consultation of an early intervention consultant
Developmental assessment of the child and his/her stimulation
Support of child development and family support
Evaluation of possibilities and abilities of the child and family
Provision of socio-legal counselling
Counselling in rehabilitative and didactic aids selection 
Internet counselling
Help in searching for suitable pre-school and grammar school
Support in adaptation and integration process of the child
Renting of toys, vocational literature, didactic aids
Offer of other activities: family gatherings, psycho-rehabilitative stays