Years 1995 - 2000

Development and stabilization of the programme contents

At this time the programme offer for families was fairly imbedded, the association already employed professionals for primary work with clients for giving seminars on couples and parents’ relationship, child care professionals, as well as technical and administrative staff (manager, administrative worker, accountant, main tenant, cook and house cleaning). Due to the nature of the project with a preventive character it was more and more difficult to find a forthcoming surrounding for gaining sufficient eligible funding to subsidize a small business. To prevent from termination of a promisingly developing service, we decided to find a stronger partner. Kolping Czech Republic became this partner in 2001.

Years 2001 - 2009

Development of new activities of the association

With a creative verve we stepped up on a road of further development. This time, fairly distant from the fall of communism, showed also specific needs, for which there was a needed reaction. The difference between rich and socially deprived families was more visible, also the number of mothers without work increased and the number of tired and exhausted fathers, youngsters experimenting with drugs, stressed foster parents also rose. The possibilities of where and how to gain skills and for some how to get around in the wide offer of experience and instructions decreased at the same time. With a long-term experience in work with a variety of types of families, we were able to offer many answers to their questions.

In 2002 family counselling started in Slaný as a reaction to demand in the Slaný region. Shortly after that we started to train parents-to-be to adopt a child. Our professionals also regularly educated foster mothers in the SOS Children’s villages. In two regions of the Central Bohemia Region we provided psychology support to social workers. We organized special stays for foster mothers and children. We provided background for stays for children from children’s homes, short stays with program for women from shelter homes, our consultants go up to families with children with disability. We established a second branch of our Family clinic in Beroun, in cooperation with the Central Bohemia Region we published Methodology of Preparation of Parents Applying for Foster Care, we created an independent support with facilities for families with child with spinal muscular atrophy, and we reacted on young mothers’ in Slaný demand for Maternity Centre with daily opening hours. Last of our activities is the organization of courses of educating women, who are returning to the labour market with the possibility of gaining professional re-qualification and e-learning the education of people who are taking care of a family member.