The organization provides social services in the area of support of functioning family at national level.

Central Bohemia Regional Office assigned the organization, according to Act 359/1999 Coll. on social and legal protection of children, to carry out social and legal protection of children in the following extent:

·         Overtake the provision of preparation of individuals suitable to become adoptive or foster parents

·         Help parents to solve educational or other problems in connection with child care

·         Provide or intermediate counselling for parents on upbringing and educating a child and on care for a child with disability

·         Establishment and running of a facility of professional counselling on child care

·         Provide educational and counselling care for foster parents during their foster care and observing foster care in a facility, of which they are granters

·         Within the counselling activity organize lectures and courses focused on solving educational, social and other problems connected with child care and its upbringing

Has two registered social services according to Act 108/2006 Coll.

- Professional social counselling

- Early intervention

Entitled to issue Certificates of Professional Re-qualification on Basics of PC Work.

Awarded the status Organization Acknowledged by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the years 2010- 2012.

Kolping Family Smečno is one of the key organizations in the Central Bohemia Region that participates on the development of medium-term-plan of social services.

We are members of the following bodies: 

Executed projects