Beginning of association

Years 1993-1995

Birth of the idea to establish a house, where families would feel at home

Team of volunteers, mainly from the rows of young married couples with children, slowly formulated the idea of the Janzura couple that is to establish a place suitable for short, in the beginning only weekend stays, for young families with pre-school aged children. The idea got a particular shape with property found in Smečno. The property was returned to Prague Charity in restitution, for which this property had no utility at that time.

The need to “breath” some fresh air and to experience something new slowly joined the basic idea to establish a suitable background with all what a young family with a child needs for stays outside its home.

This new idea was at that time supported by the helpfulness of the time shortly after the fall of communism, which was full of enthusiasm, where many needed to be engaged in something new and meaningful and help to create lasting values in the society. The roles of volunteers were slowly clarified, where some made programs, others brought in experience from the financial field, others gave in hands when first reconstruction of the house and recovery of the garden was done, other volunteers gave lectures free of charge, others took care of children, many provided needed things for running of the activities, many of them made financial donations, others supported and when it was needed they helped as well.

We also learned how to write grant application forms, account for fixed expenditures, to deal with company and private donors, so after a two year effort a house slowly arose, which we could then open to first programs in summer of 1995.

The demand for stays from the society rose and very quickly the initial weekend stays became week stays. Mothers on maternity leave with children formed a special group for whom the stay in a group of equals connected with the change of place of stay brought a natural renewal of strength for bringing up children and coping with their role of mother.