Tel.: +420 312 526 768
Mobil: -
Funkce: Manager of the organization

Manages the organizational part (economic and administrative workers) as well as the professional part (managers of the individual units). Has the power to take decisions. Is responsible for final outcomes and benefits of all the projects. Selects the team members. Her main activities are – prioritizing, delegating powers, monitoring the implementation of services, granting leadership and support to the team. Is responsible for the economy of the organization. Makes contacts that are beneficial for development of the organization and its services. Participates on making and evaluation of strategic plans of the organization. Represents the organization. Prepares and is responsible for the materials on the running of the organization for members of the Managing Board, Auditing Committee and Assembly of Members. In the partner and parent’s stays project stands out as manager. Makes and is responsible for the contents, idea and innovation of the project, coordinates the activities of consultants, consultant assistant and the Head of day-care, participates on budget compilation and is responsible for running of the organization. In 1993, together with her husband, she founded the oldest project Dům rodin (Family house). Is married, has 3 children. In her free time she likes to relax doing physical work in her garden, riding a bicycle, hiking, skiing and yachting.