How can I help?


There is a wide variety of support. We are very happy for your interest in helping families of the ill and we thank you for any financial donation. About the specific use of your donations we will keep you informed up to date on these pages.

Please send your donations to our account held at GE Money Bank, a.s.
account number 157834265 / 0600
please indicate the variable code 777

When indicating your address, we will send you a donation confirmation.

By giving a donation you can make your tax base lower. At the end of the year we will gladly issue a confirmation on receiving a donation.



-     organizing stays for children with thematic programme

-     covering high supplementary sums for compensatory aids for members of the family

-     sanitary material for children with the worst type of SMA I, in case when the health insurance reacts with high delays and the lives of the children are in danger (when they are on pulmonary ventilation), contributions for volunteers, personal assistants and care givers (e.g. students)


Therefore the support of all those who donate is very important and priceless for us.


Support children with SMA financially.

If you are thinking about supporting our association in this way, please, send a single or then once a year any sum to our bank account 157834265/0600 variable code 777.

In case of interest it is possible to sign a Deed of gift.


Please help us to find company donors.

Do you have among your friends and close ones any company managers or company owners, who support or are thinking about supporting an NGO? Do you work in a company that would be able to submit material or services based on sponsorship cooperation? We would be very glad if you suggest the Support of families with SMA project for further donations.