-          You can share all your queries that deal with your child, his/her development and future life with the consultant you can turn to him/her also in oppressive (crisis) situations

Child developmental assessment

-     The consultant will assess the present abilities of the child, on which it is possible to evoke the play situations that stimulate the development of the child. The consultant comes out from observing the child’s natural expressions (spontaneous game, communication, social field) and from that, what you tell about your child.


Suggesting activities that support the child’s development

-          The consultant knows the patterns of normal development and suggests such activities for the child, which will support development of his/her abilities

-          Abilities, that you yourself consider important are always the priority

-          The developmental plan of your child including the proposal of suitable aids can be done in writing should you wish so

Renting of toys, aids and literature

-          The objects for rent are usually selected by the consultant based on your wishes and the child’s needs. The consultant can rent maximum 3 aids and a borrowing list is signed upon renting. 


Educational counselling

-          The consultant helps to find the optimal educational procedures


Familiarization with the up-to-date offer of rehabilitative aids and with the process of acquiring them

-     The consultant will guide you and orientate you through the up-to-date market of rehabilitative aids and consult how to acquire it

Socio-legal counselling

-          The consultant informs you about the state social support and social care benefits and the way to acquire them

-          The consultant assists with filling in application for these benefits


Mediation of contacts for specialized workplaces

-          The consultant grants contacts for specialized (health, psychology, speech therapy, etc.) workplaces, which are able to fulfil the needs of families with the youngest ones

-          Proposal of possibility of placing the child into a pre-school institution, making contact with the specific institution, cooperation in adaptation

-          The consultant helps to find or contacting a pre-school institution or searching for a special education centre, which will further cooperate with the pre-school institution




Proposal of possibility of using social and other consecutive services

-          The consultant has an overview of social services (assistant service, social welfare institutions) or about other activities (mother’s centres), which could help you in taking care of the child

Help in getting financial aids for child’s needs

-          In case you need, for provision of child’s needs increased amount of financial means (e.g. for buying aids, medicine…), the consultant can help you in searching or addressing associations or sponsors and can support your application with a written reference


Working up a report on development or the needs of the child

-          The consultant works up a written report on the development or needs of the child based on your request possible for third party (e.g.  for establishing a contact with other social service, as a supplement to application for care allowance or application for financial support)

Accompany when going to the doctor or institution

-          In a substantiated case, the consultant will accompany you when going to the doctor or visiting other specialist or when going for a meeting in an institution


Mediation of contacts among the families respectively

-          The consultant can mediate contact with other user family, that deal with the same problems as you are

-          The consultant will suggest a suitable programme from our company offer, which has the experience with organizing psycho-rehabilitative stays for families with children with a certain type of disability and arches over the Support of Families with SMA project