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Description of Support of Families with SMA project and public awareness towards their undepreciated integration/inclusion into the society

Specific objectives of the project:

Our objectives are in understanding with the National Plan of Support and Integration of Individuals with Health Disability, in order to really contribute to undepreciated integration of the ill into the society.
We support families with spinal muscular atrophy and their undepreciated integration into the society. We participate in integration of individuals with handicap so that the individual stays in its natural surrounding and his/her quality of life does not decline. We support and develop the self-sufficiency of individuals with illness. We support their family members. We are renting compensatory aids. More about the project

We provide: 
· Psychology counselling
· Special education counselling
· Therapeutic counselling
· Legal counselling
· Social counselling
· Individual consultations
· Special medical consultations