How does the early intervention services run

Early intervention is a field social service, which takes place in the natural settings f the user – the consultant will visit you in your home or at other place, which you will select. More

All the services are granted free of charge

Who is the early intervention consultant, and what is his/her role in the family

Consultant or early intervention is a specialized worker with specific knowledge of special pedagogic, developmental psychology, social and legal counselling. The consultant is ready to listen to you in the duration of the consultations as well as you can share your obscurities regarding your child with him. You will know the number of his/her work cell phone and in case of emergency problems you can contact him/her in the time between consultations (in operating hours from 8am – 4 pm).

Through your consultant you can consult obscurities with other members of the team according to their specialization (psychologist, family counselling)